Onboarding sites and projects

  • Industry standards Review
  • Regions / states / countries 
  • Sites / projects
  • Assets
  • An intuitive navigation hierarchy
Organisation & Asset Admin

Scheduling information requirements

  • Organization standard for project stages
  • Program stage to monitor progress
  • Information exchanges and asset classes
Digital Plan of Work - DPOW

Managing responsibilities

  • IDP task categories / types
  • Approvals workflows
  • Assign IDP tasks to project teams 
  • Status notifications alert key stakeholders on progress
Information Delivery Plan - IDP

Sharing information

  • Integration with IDP tasks
  • Information exchange to stages files indexes
  • Full document management functions
File Manager

Providing Visibility

  • Stage dashboard progress visibility 
  • Intuitive drilldown to task categories / types
  • View IDP task status, documents 
  • Review approvals audit trail,  "golden thread"
Dashboard Reporting

Monitoring performance

  • Share BIM models across project teams
  • Add drawings, schedules and view
  • Save views and access asset information 
  • QA / QC –v- EIR and BEP using information delivery specification rules validation
  • Query model data utilizing Power BI dashboards
  • Determine operational readiness for BIM to Twin
BIM Collaboration

Managing risk

  • Accident, incident and near miss reporting
  • Risk Assessment and Incident Reporting
  • Track health and safety workflows for visibility, reporting and insurance claims
Health & Safety

Standardizing Asset Traceability

  • Asset register
  • Capture and link asset information
  • Monitor asset installation commissioning and maintenance 
  • Assign organization level GS1 asset tagging standard
  • Location management
Asset Tagging


Platform Support

Project Roles
Add roles for stage

Asset Deliverables – Asset Information Requirements
Add Asset Classifications > Asset Attributes

Information Exchange
Set-up approved index containers for Stage> Review workflows > Document naming conventions and status’

Information Delivery Plan
Set-up Task Categories > Types for Stage Info Exchange > Stage dashboard

BIM Collaboration
Commence BIM workflows and communications > Preview DPOW Data Drop > QA -v - BEP

Implementation Expertise

Platform Strategy > On-boarding review
Organisation Admin> Organisation Hierarchy > Regions > Sites > Buildings > Assets
Security Management > User Groups & Profiles> Organisation >Project Groups > Custom Profiles

Building Information Management Strategy > On-boarding review
Information Delivery Plan
Preview IDP for DPOW stages
Approve Handover > Turnover Index

BIM Strategy > on-boarding review
Organisational / Exchange Information Requirements – Review Contractual Requirements
Review BIM Execution Plan
Review Data Drops for DPOW stages

FM Asset Management Strategy
FM - Review Design Intent
Future FM > CAFM/IWMS Vendor review
Define Core Maintainable Assets
Asset Tagging Requirements > Assign Unique Identifiers – GS1
Review As-builts Asset Information requirements - supply chain

Digital Twin
Review IoT Integration points

Sustainability Strategy
Approve Standards / Targets for Build

Health & Safety
Design / Construction Risk Assessment
Regulatory reporting

Healthy Buildings
Approve Standards for the Build