Fexillon Twin


  • Reach your ESG and Sustainability goals
  • Leverage advanced Data Visualisation and Analytics to make data-led decisions
  • Monitor the health of your asset's environment using RESET®
  • Access real-time reflection of operational requirements and predictive asset maintenance
  • Track the past and current building performance & predict the future maintenance needs
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Applicable to

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Educational Institutions
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Data Centres
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Sporting & Entertainment
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Rail & Infrastructure
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Commercial Real Estate
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Adaptive Design

Fexillon Twin


Fexillon Twin provides a RESET® accredited platform, IoT sensors, and edge devices to enable the live and constant building commissioning towards the internationally recognised standard. Fexillon Twin is a natural continuation of the Fexillon Platform providing an immersive access to core maintainable assets.

01. Air icon
01. Air

Certified data provider for RESET® Air Quality standard to ensure live and continuous IAQ commissioning in the building. Monitor key viral transmission and survivability factors to reduce the viral spread, as well as improve the IAQ to boost staff and visitor performance and wellbeing. Learn more...

02. Energy icon
02. Energy

Monitor energy usage report for entire building or individual spaces – both current (kWh) and gas (m3). Identify overconsumption and correlations deducted from cloud data analytics reinforced with Air and Water module information. RESET® Energy standard for continuous energy usage commissioning. Learn more...

03. Water icon
03. Water

Water quality monitoring. Analysing consumption and leaks, temperature, dissolved solids, pH, oxidation reduction potential. RESET® Water standard for continuous water quality commissioning.

04. Fusion icon
04. Fusion

Data integration from HVAC, EPMS, BMS, and other 3rd party systems. Custom-tailored cloud data analytics – predictive maintenance, energy usage profiling and optimisation, etc.

05. Assets icon
05. Assets

Asset Management data visualisation – get access to full information related to Core Maintainable Assets: BIM, COBie, O&M manuals, warranties, maintenance procedures and schedules, etc.


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  • Accredited RESET® Data Provider
  • Ensure live and continuous IAQ commissioning in the building
  • Monitor key viral transmission and survivability factors
RESET® Air Quality
  • State of the art IAQ monitors – certified by RESET®
  • Powerful IoT edge devices for two-way integration with existing building systems
  • Full support of existing and preferred 3rd party IoT devices
Fexillon IoT Edge devices
  • Display key measured metrics in building reception
  • In web, mobile, tablet, or metaverse
Public Status Pages
  • Information Delivery progress reporting on project and organization levels
  • BIM model compliance assessment
  • Digital Twin live operational data analytics and forecasting
  • Asset maintenance and cost assessment
  • Bespoke reporting for the project needs
  • Using the power of Azure-enabled cloud computing and deployed IoT edge devices to integrate with existing building systems
  • Ultimate visibility of the ongoing processes
  • Enable predictive maintenance, and rich data insights
BMS and HVAC Integrations
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  • Using the most advanced Microsoft Azure cloud computing
  • Machine learning
  • Data analytics
Cloud Analytics
  • Access the Fexillon Twin within adaptive interface on your laptop, mobile, or tablet
Web & Mobile
  • Immersive experience of walking through the building digital twin
  • Hands free access to asset data
  • Live streaming of IoT data to simplify the building management, walkaround checks, and H&S procedures