Onboards Sites and Projects

  • Industry standards Review
Organisation Asset Admin

Schedules Information Requirements

  • Stages Programme Review
Digital Plan of Work

Manages Responsibilities

  • Project Information Management reviews
Information Delivery Plan

Shares Information

  • Files Container Index review
File Manager

Monitors Performance

  • Tracks Information Delivery
Dashboard Reporting


Platform Support

Project Roles
Add roles for stage

Asset Deliverables > Asset Information Requirements
Add Asset Classifications > Define Core maintainable Assets > Asset Attributes

Project Information Requirements > Information Exchange
Set-up approved index containers for Stage> Review workflows > Doc naming conventions and status’

Information Delivery Plan
Set-up Task Categories > Types for Stage Info Ex > Stage dashboard

BIM Collaboration
Commence BIM workflows > Preview Level of Information > QA/QC

Implementation Expertise

Platform Strategy > Set-up
Organisation Admin> Organisation Hierarchy > Regions > Sites > Buildings > Assets
Security Management > User Groups & Profiles> Org >Project Groups > Custom Profiles

Building Information Management Strategy > Set-up
Information Delivery Plan
Preview IDP for DPOW stages
Handover > Turnover Index

BIM Strategy > Set-up
Organisational / Exchange Information Requirements – Review Contractual Requirements

FM Asset Management Strategy
Soft Landings Specifications> Asset Information Requirements>Asset Tracking Standards GS1 > Future Maintenance Standards

Digital Twin
Review strategy as lead into Design

Sustainability Strategy
Review Standards

Health & Safety
Design / Construction Risk Assessment
Regulatory reporting

Healthy Buildings
Review standards