Enterprise Ireland Digital Construction Market Visit at BIM Coordinators Summit 2022

George Harold, Ralph Montague

Fexillon enjoyed participating in Enterprise Ireland's Digital Construction Market Visit at the BIM Coordinators Summit, the fastest growing global BIM and digital construction technology summit.

See interviews with some of the Founders & Leaders in the industry:


Ralph Montague, Co-founder & Director of the BIM Coordinators Summit

Chris Teddy, Vice President - Director of Mission Critical Group - JE Dunn Construction

Alan Hore, Head of Quantity Surveying - TU Dublin

Tony O'Rourke, Director of Estates, Facilities Management and Sustainability - Children's Health Ireland

John Hunt, Senior Advisor & Global Lead - Digital and Construction Services - Enterprise Ireland

Eoin Doherty, EMEA General Manager Data Centre Operations - Microsoft

Sam Holt, Managing Director - Aptitude

Damon Hernandez, Founder & Executive Director - AEC Hackaton


The market exploration visit provided opportunities to connect with Founders within the Irish AEC community and with industry Leaders from the US, UK, and EU,
and included site visits across some of Dublin's most complex and expansive projects, such us New Children's Hospital.

New Children's Hospital site visit

"If you can imagine with the Digital Twin, and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and this whole business of Mixed Reality, a lot of the diagnostics can be done remotely without bringing people on site. Digital Twin will offer significant opportunities for us to operate at a much lower cost base."

Tony O'Rourke, Director of Estates, Facilities Management and Sustainability - Children's Health Ireland

George Harold, Tony O'Rourke

"Data Centres are no different to hospitals, they are critical infrastructure, really critical, and even more so now in the context of cloud. Data, which is fundamentally what we are about, is also important to us in our operation. And what Fexillon has done for us is to be able to present that data in a platform that's really, really intuitive for our operations folks.
Once you bring paper into the digital space, you can do a hell of a lot more with it, so that's kind of part of the virtuous circle that has developed between Microsoft and Fexillon in particular.

Eoin Doherty, EMEA General Manager Data Centre Operations - Microsoft

Fexillon is looking forward to meeting again with the Founders & Leaders of AEC sector at the next event!