Pathway to Smarter Buildings and more sustainability-focused Asset Management for Owner Operators

Technologies such as Digital Twins, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning & AI provide a huge opportunity to improve Asset Management processes and empower Owner Operators with tools that will allow them to reach their Environmental, Social and Governance targets.

The Fexillon team together with our US Smart Buildings integration partner Aptitude: Intelligent Integration were very proud to present on the Asset Management Stage at the Digital Construction Week 2023, highlighting the power of collaboration and co-innovation between industry-leading partners, providing thought leadership, strategies and technologies that are available now for adoption and enablement on pathway to more sustainable Asset Management.

Co-innovation: working towards more sustainability-focused Asset Management

Managing data on large mission-critical projects involves developing a complex technical infrastructure that has to be resilient but also easy to manage. These assets’ health, safety and sustainability are directly dependent on the quality and clarity of information that is available to Owners and Operations teams.

Our Co-innovation with our US partners Aptitude ii allows us to future-proof the development of the Fexillon Platform enabling our teams to collaborate with a clearly defined focus on Owner requirements. The underlying data is structured, coordinated and linked together through all stages of asset lifecycle and provides the Owner with a digital building record that is easy to navigate and fit-for-purpose.

The fundamental foundation of a progressive Asset Management strategy is having readily accessible information that is accurate and up to date, adding value to that information in turn opens up opportunities for managing live environment and operational data leveraging Fexillon Twin and the power, scalability and security of Microsoft Azure.

With sustainability reporting becoming a regulatory requirement for organisations globally, we are now firmly on the path to adoption and utilising technologies such as AI presents value-added opportunities to accelerate the process, we, as business leaders must utilise AI ethically and engage with the end users, Owner Operators and the Facility Managers, gaining their feedback and demise expertise so we can focus in on delivering the best user experience.

Furthermore, Leveraging our integration with Microsoft Sustainability Cloud as well as Mixed Reality and Machine Learning technologies allows us to make environmental sustainability reporting accessible and available for adoption in the short term.

With multiple stakeholders across the organisation having access to this strategic information we have a great opportunity to achieve scalable productivity gains, cost savings and risk reduction.

Digital Twins, Mixed Reality, AI: pathway to Smarter Buildings

Collaboration with Co-innovation partners is integral for the ongoing development of Fexillon Twin, our digital twin combines the building’s physical environment with real-time operational data, reporting on elements that can be measured and changed, such as air qualityenergy metering or water usage. Smarter buildings and augmented monitoring enable Owners and their Operations teams to efficiently respond to operational requirements & predict future maintenance needs moving the dial towards more intelligent buildings.

Fexillon has been further advancing our Mixed Reality platform, this presents numerous opportunities for enhancing training management programmes in mission-critical environments. The ability to place trainees on-site virtually and allow them to learn remotely but interactively provides a safe, risk-free learning environment. The adoption and use of the Fexillon MR platform also capture valuable knowledge from Subject Matter Experts across the organisation and eliminates the need to travel to multiple site locations, reducing carbon footprint and associated costs.

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