Sustainability Innovation in 2022: on the path to Net Zero

With the climate acts globally, companies are looking to reduce carbon emissions significantly in the built environment. We can't achieve that without being able to monitor the environments in real-time. Working closely with Microsoft, Fexillon is extending into technologies such as Digital Twin and Mixed Reality to address those challenges.

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A Digital Twin is an exact replica of the physical environment. We’re monitoring the environment and we’re replicating that in the Twin so the owner sees a real-time reflection of it, providing access to current operational requirements & predicting future maintenance needs.

Information such as indoor air quality, energy metering, water quality and usage are vital for making the right decisions in order to tackle environmental challenges and reach your ESG goals. A Smart Building is the visualisation and change management toolkit which will give you the full visibility of what's happening.


group shot from Building Innovation Awards

Fexillon was a finalist in the Building Innovation Awards 2022 for the 'Best Asset Management Innovation'. The awards celebrated emerging technologies and techniques that drive greater efficiency and consistency in the building industry, delivering greener, smarter and safer buildings. We were proud to support the awards as a sponsor of the 'Best Use of AR/VR on a Construction Project' category.

Fexillon was nominated by our partners Xbim, leading experts in OpenBIM and Building Information Modelling (BIM). Fexillon & Xbim partnership allows for visibility of the BIM process from Strategy to Operations, and enables progressive BIM collaboration and validation through the project stages, moving us towards dynamic Digital Twin workflows for the operational lifecycle.